Transfer GBP from my Revolut account to a Bank Account in UK

I’ve topped-up my account with a test amount and now I want to transfer GBP to a bank in UK.
I have the IBAN and BIC from the person I need to transfer the money to.

As you can see the fields are numerical so I cannot actually make the bank transfer:

Please assist. Thank you!

You need their UK bank Sort Code and Account Number all of which are numerical. Sort Code is 6 digits e.g. 304501 and Account 8 digits e.g. 01234567

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I did no knew that, thank you @badskittler, I will relay this message to the person I’m sending the money.

Pretty easy. Within the IBAN there is the sort code and account number

GBkk bbbb ssss sscc cccc cc
k = IBAN check digits (always 59)
b = [BIC] bank code
s = Bank and branch code (sort code)
c = Account number
check wikipedia or google for the algorithm

And just to make sure, you can double check that you transformed it correctly.
like here:

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@stumpy’s information is wrong. UK to UK is direct using Sort Code / Account Number. The same international transfer for :r: requires 3 factors none of which include your Sort Code or Account Number. Your money is held by Barclays / Lloyds so IBAN’s reflect their requirements plus reference to direct monies to your account

Dude, i wrote down how to calculate sort code/account number from IBAN. Guy wrote he knows the IBAN. That’s it. Obviously uk2uk is sort code/account number.

You can’t calculate IBAN from Sort Code and Account Number if you also need a Reference as that points to a pooled account, same as paying into some UK Building Societies.

I’m working with ING Bank and they automatically give me the SWIFT code via the web interface when I enter the IBAN code.

Thank you for the replies, they were very helpful and solved my problem!