Transfer funds abroad

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Revolut, just created my account to be honest.

I am moving back to my home country, Greece very soon, and I am thinking of using revolut as my main bank account.

I am currently in the UK, with a UK bank.

Quick and silly question: Will my UK bank charge me if I send, say 4k Pounds, to my Greek Revolut account?


Please remember, that you do not have “Greek account”.
So to be honest the question is:
Will your bank charge you if you send xxxGBP to BRITISH LOCAL Revolut account?
I guess- no, they won’t.

Moving that much money shortly after opening your account might trigger a security check lick on your account.

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I would wait until I have a greek residency again (or do you have it?). Open account in €. Send money from UK.

There are daily top-up limits so you cannot just top-up 4kGBP from a card I guess.

:100:% sure: even if your account is verified and both accounts are yours you’ll trigger security – as said before. Prepare to provide sources.

Thanks for the reply redi.
You are right, I am still getting familiar with the correct terms.

I would like to use these funds in Greece.
Is my understanding correct that I will first transfer the funds into my GBP revolut account, and then exchange them (with the actual exchange rate) to Euros, where I will then be able to spend in Greece?


I see, but what does that really mean? I am happy for Revolut to carry out any check the want.

Will you still earn GBP or EUR?
In case of GBP you can send money in this currency all the time.
You CAN exchange money manually (especially if exchange ratio is ok and you predict that is going to be worse)) but you don’t have to. You can leave it to Revolut’s mechanisms too. (Be aware during weekends- worse exchange ratio because of an additional markup)

Open the account in EUR. You’ll have an individual IBAN and your base account will be in EUR.

Hi, sorry to step Up into this. I Just opened a revolut account as I need to transfer a big sum over home in the EU.
I was going to join the premium account to do not incur in limits and fees. My question is will the bank in the EU charge me a huge amount of money because the finds are coming from a UK bank? Doesnrevolut send the money abroad from a EU country based?

Not sure if I made myself clear… thank u

sepa transfers are free, i sometimes transfer money to europe and never been charged