Transfer from YouStake to Revolut


I have some winnings in in USD that I would like to move into my Revolut USD account but I’m not sure what to fill in on the YouStake page as shown here:


Can anyone help me please?



In the app, go to “more --> profile --> accounts --> USD”.


Hi Frank,

I wasn’t sure what to put in each of the boxes (other than the IBAN number).



But you need to input a reference code too… USD accounts are pooled!


So does that mean I can’t do it until individual IBAN’s become available?


Yeah… you might ask YouStake support if it’s possible to make the transfer using a reference.


Bugger…how long until unique IBAN’s?


Well. Dunno. Is under coming soon status since hmm :thinking: the beginning? :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

Currently just EUR are unique but exclusively for SEPA, which means it won’t work… and British account (sort code and account)


Damn…ah well, thanks for your input - I’ll have to get in touch with YouStake to see if there’s another way to get the money out!


Good you didn’t made the transfer already :grimacing: