Transfer from schwab brokerage account


I just opened a EUR revolut account and was looking to see if I could transfer money from my Charles Schwab brokerage account (that’s in USD). I saw a similar post but looked like info they were asked for was different. For example, I don’t see option here to enter my reference number. Assume also I should specify that this is to “3rd party account”?


Hey. You need to contact Schwab and ask them how to fill out the reference number.


Thanks Henrik, I’ll ask them. What about other information…for example how to map Revolut bank transfer details to Beneficiary/Receiving account information asked for here? Also, should I select USD or EUR as the currency of wire?


Depends on the currency you want to transfer, but make sure you have enabled your eur or usd.

The beneficiary details are provided under the us account, there you would have the reference needed with address and so on.