Transfer from RON to RON


Hello. I want to transfer some money from my RON Revolut account to a Romanian bank, also in RON currency. Will the money be converted to EUR and then reconverted to RON or will it remain in RON?


I’m quite sure- it won’t.
I live in Poland, and I’ve transferred PLN (Revo) > PLN (Polish bank) without any exchange, and without any fee :wink:


How much time did it take for the transfer to be completed?


How much did it take for the money to arrive in your case? I have requested the transfer this Sunday, and I don’t have the money yet in my account.


Have you already got the confirmation that the money had been sent?


I just got the confirmation email today, earlier, says in the email that the money was sent on June 4th (monday).


Next working day, after 15.00 (last incoming elixir session in Poland)