Transfer from Revolut to Polish PLN account

Has anybody experience with this? Is there any cost? Revolut says free but whether Polish banks charge any fees if Polish zloty is arriving from the UK? Transferwise charges 0.5% in total for example. For 1000 EUR zloty equivalent they charge 5 EUR or 21 zl… Today FX 4.275

Technically it is a SWIFT transfer and might come at a fee, some users reported though they were not charged. It probably depends on your bank and how it is connected to Lloyds.

Anybody had real experience? I did AED, USD and HUF transfer worked till 2017 without any fees. Since Revolut changed the system and there is SWIFT i got charged 10 AED - 3 EUR in Dubai which was free before. I have no experience in HUF or USD this year…

Well, for PLN there is someone in the linked thread who said he wasnt charged anything.

But again, that might depend on your bank. If you dont mention what bank it is it is impossible for anybody else to share applicable experience.

CHF transfers are free for me, I haven’t tested it with PLN…
@Karol does Revolut also uses CurrencyCloud for PLN?

No offence, but the question was about zloty, not francs :slight_smile:

Also, CHF transfers usually are not free. Which bank do you use?

Doesn’t Revolut uses the same third-party company for foreign transactions (CurrencyCloud?)
I think @Karol said that CHF transfers from Revolut are usually free, my bank is Raiffeisen :slight_smile:
They haven’t charged my anything yet :slight_smile:

Sorry, got the it other way round. From Revolut they should be (unless the bank charges something). To Revolut they arent

I mean the Transfers from Revolut to CHF are free, not the top-up :wink:

Yeah, I realised this too late :smiley:

Yes, as far as I know they use CurrencyCloud for PLN transfers to Polish accounts.

To answer the initial question: from what I have already experienced, external transfers to Polish accounts incur some fees and taxes, regardless of the bank the money is coming from. Since Revolut uses a GB IBAN, I’m afraid your Polish bank will charge some fees/taxes for the incoming transfer. :frowning:

@pgournas, are you sure? You had fees charged by a Polish bank for the incoming transfer in PLN from Revolut? When I tried, I have been told they are arriving as a local transfer from an account in Pekao bank

Not from Revolut, from another national bank (within SEPA). Again, this may be an issue of the bank itself. Many SEPA banks (unfortunately) charge incoming transfers, as well, with some stupid amounts (like a euro or two). :rage:

I transfer to HUF every month, and there isn’t any charge, but I think it is bank-dependent. (My KHB personal account won’t charge, but the business account would)

(vagyis a bankod hirdetményében nézd meg, hogy a külföldi forint jóváírásért kér-e pénzt)

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In case of BZWBK, Credit Agricole, Alior, PKO BP and ING (I’ve checked it in these banks) it is completely free of charge.
Money is sent by Currency Cloud Limited from Pekao account :wink:

I don’t have an account in there, but They send from Pekao, so it should be treated as “internal” and I wouldn’t expect any fee.

They send it as an national (ELIXIR) transfer, which means it should be free to receive by any bank in Poland (in PLN).

I was able to make a payment with zlotys from Revolut’s polish PLN account into my TransferWise PLN account with polish iban. No fee taken.