Transfer from Revolut to Coinbase

How exactly, step by step, do I send euros to coinbase?

And then coinbase to Revolut?

Search the forum a lot of posts explain this. But:

  1. Enable your Euro account to get a personal i ban etc.

  2. Add Coinbase as a Beneficiary

  3. Go to Coinbase and follow their instructions on how to validate.

  4. Go go Coinbase and follow their instructions for how to withdraw.


how do you add coinbase as a beneficiary?

Please use common sense, read the FAQ and so on…

  • Click on the middle button (“Payments”) at the bottom of the main screen
  • Under “Out”, click on “To bank account”
  • Click “Add a new beneficiary”
  • Select “To a business”

Then you enter all the details provided by Coinbase.
Once that’s done, it will be in your list of beneficiaries, just click on it.


What does you common sense tell you about where to put the coinbase reference number? There’s no „title” field

When you do the transfer, then choose Coinbase and there is a grey text saying “add reference” enter the reference there.

There is a lot of questions about this and detailed guides on the forum if you search for it :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe my app is outdated or this field is missing in the Polish translation. Let’s see.

There have been reports of the field being invisible because of small screens where the keyboard will cover it. What kind of phone are you using ?

I’m using iPhone. The app is up to date. When I switch to English it still doesn’t appear.

Click “Payments” -> “Bank transfer” -> choose “Coinbase” at the bottom of this screen there is a text saying “Add reference”

You can’t set a default reference as these usually changes for each bank transfer. In this case Coinbase is a bit different.

I get to the point where I select a transfer type (to me, to another person, to a business) and there’s no option which says Coinbase. I select to business, and there’s no Coinbase option :confused:

  • I tried to use the card. The payment didn’t get through and my Revolut statement says I tried to make payment to an unsupported merchant

If I remember well, you first need to add the new account details (and save them).

Only after, you select these saved details, and enter the reference on the same screen as the amount. (so that you could use different references / notes for each transaction if you want)

I personally didn’t have trouble finding it the first time, seemed straight forward.
I’ve seen first hand someone else do it as well (without me giving any instructions), it went fine too.

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so I am reading your posts and it seems easy to do a transfer from Revolut to Coinbase. I tried twice. First i put my name as a beneficiary, second time CB Payments LTD. Both times my payments were returned.
Now, I found info that Revolut does not do SWIFT transfers only SEPA. But, when you filling the details for transfers it asks you for SWIFT.
Can anyone give any advice on this? Trading would be so much nicer if the banks weren’t doing it so difficult to deposit and withdraw :frowning:

Forgot to add. It seems that Transferwise who states they don’t cooperate with cryptotrading platforms have executed my transfer with no problem. All too confusing.