Transfer from Revolut to Australia Bank Accounts

Does anyone knows if currently a transfer from Revolut to an Australian Bank Account incurres into SWiFT fees??

As far as i’m aware- YES
Though not sure from what amount fees gets calculated. :slight_smile:

SWIFT sucks :confused:

So I guess you get charged a different commission each time?

It can be different …
Tough heard stories that depends on amount you sending …
Noone is transparent in Swift transfers :frowning:

This might shed more light on how it works:

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Beware! I sent A$50 and was charged a A$25 fee so only received 50% of the amount sent.

do you know if the beneficiary’s bank charged the AUD 25 fee or it was an intermediary?

there was a heated discussion on this topic a couple of days ago.

It was the intermediary, it was to my own bank account in Australia so I was able to check with them. I tried it as a test, I generally use Transferwise but thought I’d compare the service.

I did use Revolut last year to send A$2000 but didn’t have to pay a charge, however it took 8 days. Their new system is now much quicker (2 days) but much too expensive!

Stevewh - But what was the fee/charge when you transferred the 2000 AUD?