Transfer From Revolut account to Canadian Account

I would to do a transfer from my Revolut mobile application to my Canadian account.
But the Revolut information (Account Number and Routing Number) dosen’t match with my canadian account (institutional number, branch transit and folio/account no).
My canadian bank is Des Jardins.
Could you please help me.
Thanks a lot

Please search this forum :wink: I remember people discussing this before here. If I remember correctly, they came up with a way that worked.

Check this out: Add Canadian account as beneficiary

It is Working !!! Thanks a lot for your help !

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Hooray :heart::tada:

Just for anyone else with this problem, the solution works but not for all Canadian Banks. Simplii Financial (formerly President’s Choice Financial) requires fields that aren’t included in the Revolut Beneficiary form (Name and Address of Beneficiary bank) The payee is CIBC. The Routing Code with institution and transit number alone won’t do it. The payment gets rejected with bad account number and there is a $25 charge for bouncing it back. Simplii account numbers are 10 digits. CIBC are 7. There may be others or this may just be a Simplii/CIBC problem. Simplii’s call centre isn’t a lot of help.

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