Transfer from Paypal still pending


I’ve made a SEPA transfer on january, 30, at 11.11 CET, from my paypal account to my revolut account.
I still haven’t received the amount, is that normal?
Thank you

Oubli de référence pour virement


Ok, thank you, I had already read some of those discussions…so will be the money sent back to paypal/Sender or what?


I’m affected too. Waiting for my money since days.
Does Paypal have a fee for cancled transfers?


No idea, but I don’t think so


If the money left PayPal (completed transaction) they can’t do pretty much anything, I have the exact same situation as you and so far the only thing I can do is wait until Monday.


Nice collection of FAILS Revolut. I am still waiting for my 500€ to show up SOMEWHERE.


Same here, two SEPA transfers from paypal missing…


Few users already have bounce back, but all of them made SEPA transfer from regular banks. This issue has started when Revolut registered thier second BIC for SWIFT transfers. This BIC has been distributed to a number of banks by mistake as SEPA BIC and it all began…


I had my money back, but with 3€ fees