Transfer from France


I’m trying to trace a payment of €178.86 that was transferred to my account on or around 1st April. I gave the IBAN number and my Euro account reference number details to the payer and have been assured the transfer was made. Can’t access Revolut support from the app (icon just whirling round). Appreciate your help.


Sorry, looks like you missed this (from the FAQs):

Can a friend make a transfer to my Revolut account?

Topping up in GBP:

Yes, you can receive third party payments like a salary into your unique UK current account. You can share your Revolut sort-code and account number with friends easily. Tap ‘Top Up’ by ‘Bank Transfer’ and select ‘GBP’. Then hit the export button in the top-right of the screen.

Topping up in EUR/USD:

Currently you can top-up your Revolut account only from a bank account registered in your name. Transfers from third parties, including but not limited to companies, friends & family, will be returned to the sender’s account after deducting processing fees of £5.

If someone else wishes to transfer money to your Revolut account, they can open their own account and then top it up via debit or credit card. They can then transfer this to you instantly via the ‘Send’ function.


Hello @David22,

Unfortunately, EUR & UDS third party transfers are not supported, we’ll have to return the transfer back to the sender’s account.

Let’s get in touch via a direct message here.


Andreas K.


Hi, is this feature going to exist in future (able to receive transfers from clients, companies, family) in EUR. Without it this system is almost pointless for people with EUR accounts… unless I’m traveling, there is no point to receive money in my bank account and then transfer to revolt…