Transfer from Brazil to Europe



is it possible to transfer money from Brazil to Europe?
I was trying to check how can this be done with revolut.

Can you help/support me please?

Thank you.

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H Antonio.

You can top up via bank transfer in EUR/GBP/USD/ PLN/ CHF/ SEK/ NOK/ DKK/ RON/ AUD/ NZD/ SGD/ HKD/ ILS/ TRY/ AED/ CAD/ HUF/ INR/ JPY/ MAD/ MXN/ QAR/ THB/ ZAR!


Can you explain it better please?
I have an account in Brazil and other in a Euro Country.

How do you work?!


When you open :r: account you will be able to load money in described by @AndreasK currencies. It is possible via bank transfer using SWIFT from account registered to you to pooled account in GB. The exception is EUR account, this can be topped up only using SEPA transfer.