Transfer from AUD to GBP??

Can I transfer AUD from a personal account I have in Australia, to GBP in a personal account I have in the UK?

You can top up your Revolut account in AUD, then exchange into GBP and then transfer out to a GBP account, yes.

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That’s great - thank you.

Do you know if any fees will apply to this sort of transaction?

As I understand it you can top up AUD but only by bank transfer which takes 1-3 days and will also incur a fee/s depending on your Australian bank and whether there is another intermediary bank before the cash reaches Revolut’s AUD account at Lloyds. According to the Bank Transfer FAQs, Revolut’s estimate is a fee of AUD35 per transaction.

If you try to top up your AUD wallet using a card there will be 9 currencies available to top up with but unfortunately an Australian AUD card isn’t one of them.

It would be great if we could top with an Australian AUD card, whether this changes I assume rests on Revolut’s ability/appetite to hold AUD in an Australian domiciled account rather than the money having to be sent via SWIFT.

You could also top up via Apple Pay / Android Pay.

I’m trying to use Android pay but it does not work.
Simply there is no free way to top when you have an Australian bank account and card…

So if I make a bank transfer in AUD to Revolut, my Revolut is topped up in AUD?

As far as I can see, you can’t transfer funds to Revolut in AUD. It’s not in the list of 9. In order to even open the Top Up dialogue, you need to select the currency account that you hold, which does not include AUD.

So - in the absence of AUD, if you select GBP, then the details you are shown for the bank in GBP - so a debit/credit card top up will be in GBP, and a bank transfer, if possible, will be in GBP. Both incur FX rates at the card/bank rate.

I’m not 100% on this; would appreciate clarification, as I’m trying the same.

Does anyone know if there has been any further developments on this? I’m also in the same situation where I want to deposit AUD into my revolut account and keep it as AUD (and not transfer it to my base currency EUR). Apparently revolut will be available in Australia in Q1 2018 (although doesn’t seem to have an exact date) so hopefully AUD will be an currency option to deposit in then?

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Hi Chloes, I am in the same situation. Do you have any news about that? Can we transfer from Australian bank to Revolut?

You surely can however it will be a SWIFT transfer and therefore will come with pretty high fees compared to local transfers.

The easiest way, if you are qualified for it, is a Transferwise borderless account which has an Australian bank account to transfer money to. Then use the Transferwise card to top up Revolut.
As it was already described in the other thread you posted: