transfer from an UK bank to Revolut

I do an Banking transfer over 24 hours ago to my Revolut account because i have to pay the hotel… but still the money not there and the customer service dont replay more…

any ideas what i can do? i dont was to sleep outside because of an support agent who dont want to work…

Did you pay from UK bank to your :r: GBP account ?
If so did you use local account details (account & sort code) or SWIFT ?
Local usually takes a few hours, SWIFT a few days.

from an UK Local account in GBP with account and sort code.

the first time i did this it took 2 days to appear in my :r: account, now it takes a few hours.

you can keep trying to reach support either in-app or on twitter but it is notoriously slow and may take a day or two to respond.

if you need to top up faster i would suggest using a debit/credit card if you have one.

I always use debit card and it’s instant.