transfer from a different card

Hello, how I can transfer money to my Revolut account using a different car from the originally one used?

If you talking about top up ,then it’s pretty easy…
Press top up then press card you topped up and then there will be option to add new card/ bank transfer/ apple pay etc.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you Stan for your reply.
The other question I had on the live chat is: can I issue a second card but with my wife’s name on it? We have a joint account for information.

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JP Rey

You can have 2nd physical card,but not on wife’s name.
There is no joint accounts yet.
Tough in theory your wife can use second card. :slight_smile:

I was mentioning my main account which is a joint account. But ok I understand.
One more question: when I travel to Japan, does the exchange rate applies automatically to my account in Euro? What is the principle to exchange currency in my account as far as my payments in other currencies are concerned? My questions may sound silly to you but I am a newcomer…

Thank you for your replies.

JP Rey

Always choose to pay in local currency, avoid exchange rates offered by Merchant.
Your EUR ballance will convert automaticaly to Foreign currency.
Tough it’s better to exchange prior if you plan to use card on weekend.
There is weekend surcharge for exchanges (1.5%) .
You get live rates monday to friday :slight_smile:
Hope it helps :wink: