Transfer fees via Swift from AED to AED (free from both sides)


Hello Revolut community,

I have a very important question regarding the international transfers that might define the way I’m going to use my Revolut account in the future.

I have incomes in the UAE (as well) labeled in AED. I would like to transfer AED to my AED wallet on Revolut and later on convert in euros.
The bank in the UAE I’m with offers me free international transfer from their side. The question is, in this situation what would be the fees I’ll pay? Is my international transfer in AED going to be processed through an intermediary bank? Or this transfer goes directly between my UAE bank and Revolut?
If my bank directly deals with Revolut, my hypothesis is that for amount less than 5000 euros Revolut doesn’t charge anything neither from their side so in this case it should be a free international transfer right?

Thanks !


Intermediary banks, if a fee is charged in relation to your proposed transaction it.

Lloyds is one of :r:'s partners (I think), so they may charge a processing fee due to it being a SWIFT transfer.

:r: doesn’t charge fees below the fee-free transfer/exchange quota (for :r: Standard users.), but banks along the way may charge fees.

Your UAE bank may be partnered with other financial institutions that may charge a fee as well.


Thank you very much for the answer. This all world of intermediary banks is something I really don’t understand and hate. Why does my transfer need an intermediary bank in this case…?


Simply put, a typical local bank does not have a direct business relationship with other banks abroad. They rely on clearing houses and service providers like SWIFT. From a customer’s perspective, it is almost impossible to predict the exact route your money will take. It depends on the sender’s and the receiver’s business ties.


Thanks Frank, everything is clear now :sweat_smile:


Was this ever answered? Currently I use a currency exchange service in the UAE that offers ‘free’ transfers and absorbs all transaction costs, though obviously build in their charges via the fx spread. In order for Revolut to offer free transfers in the UAE they will need to provide a local UAE bank account number so that any transfers from your physical bank account are ‘local bank transfers’ and do not incur charges. Having to transfer via bank intermediaries (or services such as SWIFT) will add a layer of cost that may not make it as competitive.