Transfer executed confirmation but no funds

Hello all!

I have transfered a sum of money from my revolut account to a bank account.
I first received the “transfer submitted” notification just after I’ve submitted the transfer from the Revolut app.
One day later I’ve received the “transfer executed” notification, but the funds haven’t been credited to the receiving account.
What’s confusing is that I have previously done another transfer, not with same sum, but after the “transfer executed” notification arrived I was able to see the transfer in the receiving account.

Has anyone else had this issue before? I might not be clear about the meaning of the notification, but to me “executed” means “funds received”.

Thank you!

Hey @dagniel :slight_smile:

Transfer executed means the transfer has been “originated”/“routed”. The transfer process has begun, to say so. This didn’t happen before, maybe, because it wasn’t business hours, or because it was too late for the transfer to be executed in the same day.

You’ll receive the money within 24 hours if it’s a SEPA transfer :wink:


Yes…that’s what I was told from helpdesk. I posted here after seing the wait-time was 1h…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Guess I didn’t understand the term correctly and it wad just a coincidence that the previous transfer completed shortly after the “executed” notification.
I’ll wait…