Transfer done 9days ago, the money hasn't arrived yet


Hello, there was a swift payment made to my account on the 25th may, I still have no money in my account. How is that possible? This is business money, I can’t wait longer,


I’m having the same type of issue too - please can someone help out here


Unfortunately SWIFT can have long delay, but 9 days is a lot !

Did you fill the reference field with hour reference number ?


I have indicated full required info including the reference number to my client, trying to verify now if they got it right


Second possibilty: No payment made. :man_shrugging:t3:


That’s harsh :slight_smile:

@Sigimona Just ask for a transfer proof, you’ll quickly see if they really made the payment and if they did correctly use the reference number.

If not it will allow you to ask for a manual reconciliation to Revolut teams.


not only the right reference but the right IBAN for that currency or the transfer would have bounced


Suggest you raise a FORMAL COMPLAINT on there web chat site. You will get a response, eventually, even if it is only to escalate your case. I wonder what they are doing will all our money - investing it like a Ponzi scheme ?


@patam please stop with the Ponzi non sense…


So what are they doing with our money ? We cannot access it and Revolt will not reply to any questions about it.


We do not no yet that the payment was made or that the reference number was provided, which can drastically increase the reconciliation process…

If you don’t follow the rules, it’s not Revolut fault :slight_smile:


Revolt have confirmed that the funds have arrived with them and that the reference number was correct. The rules were followed and it is Revolut’s fault !


You are wrong we don’t know that yet :slight_smile: most of the time people tend to forget the reference number ( especially when the transfer is coming from someone else ) and it can leads to additional reconciliation time since it has to be done manually.