Transfer between Revolut account from different countries

I did some research but I wasn’t able to find an answer to my question.
Is it possible to sent money between revolut accounts from different countries? (guessing a UK revolut has a UK bank but a Greek one has a different background). Is this possible and without fees ?
Thank you

P2P real time transfers between users are free. (They happen on Revolut’s platform and do not involve regular bank transfers at all.)


And it doesn’t depend on users country :wink:

And it’s instant :wink: !!

I pretty much have the same original question.

I just setup my account over the past couple of days.

I want to transfer between USD and RON to another Revolut user. I have the phone number, email address, User name and physical address in my contacts. I don’t see when I go to transfer in RON that the user is valid as a Revolut user. So I’m hesitate to transfer money and have it in limbo.

Is there a reference (that I haven’t found yet) that give instructions to ensure I have this setup correctly?

Hi Andreas

Im new to Revolut and a few days ago I opened a revolut account using my UK based Bank acount. Therefore I have a GBP profile in my revolut. I have just moved to Belgium to work and live and my Boss will pay me in euros. So I created a Euro profile in my Revolut as a secondary profile. Now if my transfers me the money in Euros from his Belgium account will it exchange in GBP in my Revolut.? I noticed that thr IBAN and BIC of my Euro profile are the same as the one of my GBP profile. Will I suffer transfer fees from my bank in the UK when I receive my salary? Plesse let me know


the euros will stays euros until you will manually convert them to GBP. From your revolut GBP account you’ll have to transfer them to your UK account in another bank. Or you can simply keep them in your revolut account and spend them in Belgium in euros. I don’t think it’s a good idea to convert them in GBP if you live in belgium ,

To see people in the :r: App they need to give the App access to the phone book. Did your receiving user do that?

Actually I am not so sure about that.

Do you have the number saved in the international format?

No they don’t, which allowed the scammers in the recent SMS fraud waves to target the users :expressionless:

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