Transactions with completely wrong information


Recently I’ve had quite a few transactions show up with the wrong information. For instance my latest purchase was at a “Rema 1000” in Norway, but shows up as a purchase at “TFL Royal Docks” in the UK.

I’ve reported the issue earlier in the chat, but was only told to delete and re-download the app, that did not fix the issue. What’s wrong here?

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Yes I’ve had one too. Transaction in Granada, Spain that showed up as different merchant in Thessaloniki, Greece ???

Have you reported it in the chat? If so, what did they say?

Yes, the wrong transaction details have been cropping up now for the last 2 or 3 versions of Revolut.

Reported to beta feedback and their reply was that they are working on a tool to correct these.

They told me that:
"I can confirm that currently we are tuning and improving the transaction reconciliation and these continue to improve over time so in this case no need to worry, we are already working on improving the correct visibility of merchant’s names and locations.

That’s all fine and well, but I never had these issues before.

I confirm this happened to me. It was after a heavy night and can’t remember taxi home but this ATM was literally dozens of miles away from taxi route home. Turns out it was ATM just before I grabbed a taxi but their new reconciliation choose a random ATM in different town because same bank.

Of course, Revolut shout about all their pointless new features, but they don’t label changes like this in-app ‘Beta: this data might not be correct’

Hi I have a similar issue in a way. I’ve bought two tickets via one transaction for 287,38€, I have had sufficient amount for this transaction. I can see it being charged from the account. Day after that two extra transactions have appeared under the same title, each for 143,69€ (exactly 50% of the initial transaction) resulting in negative balance on my account. The first transaction has status pending whereas the to smaller ones have states completed, delayed…

The funds blocked for authorization (pending) should be released soon. This usually takes up to about a week.