Transactions Reverted


Hi. I had no problems with immigration (in Kenya). I contacted them beforehand and they believed they still had the money. They were completely unaware of the reverted payment, and insisted that my payment had not in fact been reverted.

It honestly seems like Revolut paid for my visa due to their own incompetence, but I can understand you being nervous :confused:


How long do we give it? My reverted transactions are from 2nd August?


Mine are from December last year. Still no payment


This is a massive issue that revolut seem to be brushing off… I’m really worried that some merchants will start to refuse revolut. I just can’t get over how blasé they are about it… why the heck should we be the ones having to make sure things are right budget wise when the fault is not ours. We are literally expected to have the money in our accounts indefinitely until it’s taken again and be able to mentally calculate our true balance !


Give it 28 days I say


Thanks a million @podgib. It was a relief to hear that. I did explain the visa office about my situation in case of any potential issue in the future. Many thanks again for your response on my post! Really appreciate it



Yeah I had absolutely no problems at all! Payment was reverted but still got the visa and got through immigration with it.




@AndreasK It’s October now and I guess it’s still not fixed…
Why the hell my payment has been reverted too? Happened a few minutes after a successful payment.