Transactions Reverted


Before Christmas, I applied for a couple of Kenyan visas. Payment was taken from my Revolut card, and both visas were approved. Today I checked my Revolut account, and noticed more money than I expected - both visa payments have been reverted. The weird thing is that according to the Kenya department of immigration site, both visas are fine, and both payments are valid, neither having been reverted.

I spoke to customer service in the in-app chat, but they apparently couldn’t tell when the transactions were reverted - only when the original transaction was made. All they could show me was the original payment and REVERTED. @AndreasK are you able to see when a reversion happened or any details about why? Do you have any idea what could have happened here?


Hi there.

Thank you for letting us know. We need to take a closer look into your account. Could you pease send me a direct message with your phon number linked to your account?


Sure, will do. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello! Exactly the same thing has just happened to me (tried to pay for Kenyan Visa using Revolut card, everything went through with the Visa and it is still showing it as accepted and paid for, however on my Revolut statement it says that the payment was reverted. @podgib what happened with your Kenyan Visa in the end?


@AndreasK would you be able to help me with this?


I’ve been to Kenya and back, visa was fine, but the payment still hasn’t been taken (4 months later). I’ve left enough money to cover it in my Revolut account, just in case they take payment in the future - apparently presentment is allowed months later, and I don’t want to risk being blacklisted from getting a Kenyan visa in the future if the payment fails.


Great, I will do the same and keep my fingers crossed as I’m heading through Immigration! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


I experienced the same thing. Some of my spending transactions have been reverted and i have more money on my account than should have, even one cash withdrawal have been reverted. Any thoughts?


any explanation from Revolut why this is happening?


Customer support couldn’t give me an explanation. When I asked andreas on here, he told me that the payment would be taken as a late presentment. It’s now been over 8 months since the original payments, and they still haven’t been taken. Don’t know anything beyond that I’m afraid.


Exact same problem here with several transactions made in the USA last three weeks.
@AndreasK, any thoughts on the issue? Would the 7 days period of confirmation be too short, especially if there can be a very late presentment?


I have just noticed the same thing. Several transactions reverted? Where do I go from here?


Guys we are not alone… Many many Twitter users experiencing the same issue. Is anyone else not totally fed up with the continual downtime and problems with the payment processor revolut use? Transactions were
declining for s few hours this week, Last time it was down for a I’ll day, the CEO posted a “no bullshit” apology but it keeps happening. Now we have random payments reverting, and are expected to keep track of theses in out heads and make sure we have enough funds available indefinitely just in case the transactions are re-processed. Support say they will probably be processed again as offline transactions “at a later date” I love revolut but these problems are becoming a pain in the ass. The most annoying thing is the lack of transparency… They obviously know they have an issue why not put out an in app notification or even a tweet explaining the issue and what they are going to do about it! I can see merchants refusing to accept revolut cards if these reverted transactions keep up.


Fyi here is the response I got from support:

If you’ve noticed that some successful transactions you make are actually being credited back to your account, the merchant will process these again as delayed transactions. They’ll appear on your account as normal. We’re working with our payment processors to find a fix as quickly as possible. Sorry for any trouble!


@craig.mounsey Would you mind sharing if you’ve been able to go through your visa process without any troubles caused by reverted payment? I am in the same situation where I’m applying for visa via immigration. My application has not been processed yet but the money was back to my account due to over 10 days of pending transaction. I’m really worried if that would cause a cancellation…:frowning:


Hi everyone, i got the same problem after confirmation of a flight booking in Australia. I did the payement on Aug 13th, today I got the message on the app it has been reverted and money has been added on my account. I still have the flight booked though, no message from the airline company. Any tips? Should I worry they might deny me the booking (don’t know if it’s even possible)?


Hi @craig.mounsey, just wondering if there were no troubles from the immigiration office-end charging your payment? I’m in the same situation, and really worried that the reverted payment could cause a cancellation…:frowning:


Got an answer on CS chat


My ESTA paiement has been reverted. How should I proceed?


Hello, I had The same problem with USA. After 7 days transactions from three stores has been reverted. Now I waiting for same support explenation. I hope that stores had their money