Transactions declined in Canada


My Revolut card was perfectly working since 2 weeks in Canada and since one week I cannot use it anymore, I’ve got two transactions declined.

Still have credit on my card in canadian dollars so I have no idea what is happening right now…


Hey there @perrine22

Unfortunately, there are are some problems with card transactions that are going to be fixed soon :frowning:

For more info, check Twitter:

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Thanks for your reply !

Was it down since 1 week ?

Hey there @perrine22 :slight_smile:

No, that’s weird :confused:
It has been unavailable for around 4-8 hours now.

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It’a unavailable in Colombia right now… when it’s going to be fixed?

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Hi guys

my metal card works in Canada when using tap but swiping is declined
does anybody know if there is something wrong with the Card or the Country I’m using it ?

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check the card’s security settings. swiping might be disabled.

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it’s enabled but still declines using pin code !

Good morning all

I am a Revolut customer recently

back to school 2020 (well if the situation allows it), my son and I are going to live in Canada

in Montreal more precisely …

I wanted to know if it would be possible to put the currency in Canadian dollars?

I mean that the bank to bank transfer euro / canadian dollars is done automatically

thank you for your answers
take care of yourself

Hey guys, dont know if this fits the theme but I cant seem to create a new post myself.

I went to my Canadian RBC bank and tried to transfer money to Revolut account, but they could not find the BIC code in their system. There is the option of putting in the full bank details instead of the BIC but they did not recommend that option.
Does revolut support transactions from Canadian accounts? How do I make this work? Which adres for Revolut bank would I use instead of the BIC code?

Thank you! Hope to hear from ya ll

Hi, got some problems with my revolut card. So, i wanted to pay my hotel room for one night and it wouldn’t work. What could be the problem? Thank you.

Your security card options are ok ?

Hey, thanx for responding. I checked it out and everything seemed all right to me…

Your hotel need probably a credit card for the caution

Hi. I`ve tried withdrawing money in Senegal. The transaction was refused and my card blocked. I have issues with my phone and cant unblock my card through the app. How can I unblock it otherwise? Thanks!

Hey, i didn’t understand. Let me explain again. I got there i paied with the revolut using the POS. First with the touch and didn’t approved than i introduce the revolut card in the POS and write de password and didn’t work again. Note that i paied at the restaurant and everything worked just fine.

Hi Leon,

I am running into the same problem as you, and I am wondering if you managed to solve it?

I went to my Canadian RBC bank and tried to transfer money to my Revolut account, but they could not find the BIC code in their system, and told me they could not do the transfer.

Does anyone know if Revolut support transactions from Canadian accounts?


I remember it being a hastle, and it didnt always work. Last time the bank wouldnt accept the now Lituanian BIC code and the bank account number was too long. It did get it managed before with the British BIC code and the bank adres in London. Sorry to say its been a long time I have been in Canada and havnt been to RBC. I do recall that I wasnt able to transfer my money via online banking from RBC to revolut, I only managed by going into the bank itself.

Best regards

I spent some time on the phone and at the bank but no one could figure it out… I ended up uploading it from my credit card.

Thanks anyway for replying! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: