Transaction SMSes and transfers descriptions


Hi there,
I have been using Revolut for a short while and it gains my trust quite fast. I have added a lot of money in the account already.

I could not find 2 basic things though, which are pretty common to all banking services:

  1. SMS or push notifications when funds are being transacted to or from the account (either in or out transactions over a certain threshold like 50 EUR)
    It is a very good option that gives you peace of mind that you are always in sync at the right time with what happens with your funds.

  2. Field to write descriptions and notes for the transfers
    I made 2 transfers already and, aside from the account details of the recipient, there is no place to specify what the transfer is for (like “according to invoice no 12345 from 8July2018”)
    Some recipients actually request this as mandatory, otherwise they cannot receive the payment.

This would definitely make my app the keeper banking service.


I am sure that there is email notification (I don’t remember if there is an SMS notification)
Description you can to type here:


Thanks, reference/description found.
It would have been better if it was saved on the template but this would do as well.
BTW, the templates would definitely use a name/description as well, since the only one I can know who is who now is by bank account.

SMS notification still remains though…


Actually, it saves in a template if you set up recurring payments :slight_smile:

I totally agree

I have checked it, and unfortunately there is neither SMS nor push notification.
Only email. :thinking:


There is the option to add a phone number and email to the payee so that they can receive notifications of a fund transfer.