Transaction search


I’d like to be able to search for a transaction by name or spend.

E.g. Search for



This is actually something that we’d love to add :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What is the status of this?
Would be very convenient to be able to search in the transaction records for specific expenses


I think it’d be great !


@AndreasK any word on this? Would be suck a helpful feature.


This would be nice if you could search by merchant and notes


Any update on transaction search function. This is one of the most important feature I would like to have.


+1 for this :wink:
I’m currently using another app to do this … Would be great to be able to search directly in Revolut app!


Any update on this? Please add this feature!


I am also looking forward for this feature.
I feel like … annoyed that I can’t look up for a transaction I made few months ago.

I dislike that I have to scroll down every transactions I made.
Although I could use the stats tab to see marchants or transaction category, but sometimes the company name isn’t the national / international one.

For example, I got a KFC in my city, and their name is the name of their place + my city + few number… so yeah it’s not “KFC”.


Nice, this feature was just launched (on Android).


This is real? How you search?


I dont’t see anything different…


There’s a search button on the Accounts tab after the 5.13 update.


Interesting. I was in the Android Beta program, but noticed my app is still on 5.12 which is the latest in the Playstore for me.


Sometimes the beta and real release differ. on iOS the beta is 5.12 but the app store release is 5.12.1


For me on the Playstore the latest version is 5.12 and inside the app the version number is also 5.12 so either it’s a regional rollout, or 5.13 is the beta that I’ve somehow left.


Perhaps it’s a beta release. Forgot that I joined that^^
The change logs & the version number didn’t indicate a beta release, though.


Could you post a screenshot? 5.13 is out on iOS but no search.