Transaction reverted but balance not updated


I have a sizeable transaction that has been reverted but my balance has not been updated nor increased. Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions of what to do?


Can you give little bit more details please :slight_smile:

We checked out of a hotel on 12 April. They had to do the transaction twice as the first time they made a mistake but advised they would cancel the first transaction. Both times the transactions showed up on our revolut account reducing our balance twice. the 1st transaction said pending for a long time. It has only recently changed to ‘reverted’ but the balance has not increases.

Should be in your account in less than a week maybe even quicker :slight_smile:
My reverted payments went in account in 2-3 days :+1:

Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on it. Call me cynical but there’s something about the ‘reverted’ process that i don’t trust!

Thats how i felt first,but later my pressumtions changed :slight_smile:
Give us an update,when your funds gets credited back :+1:
Curious how long it takes now :slight_smile:

Thanks. Will do. Cheers