Transaction list gone missing from 1 NOV to 14 DEC


Hi all,
Starting from few days ago I can no longer see my tranbsaction for the full November and till 14 December.
Any idea?



Hmm. Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account and screenshot of your transaction list?


Hi @AndreasK, believe me or not, but I can’t find a way to send you a dm. :slight_smile:


I believe you :slight_smile: I’ll do that for you!


I have a similar issue but from a different time frame. Transactions from a timeframe of 5 months disappeared. I already contacted support and they are looking into it.

Missing transactions (gaps) in Statements

I have the same problem started from 13th December


Any news on this issue? It really sucks not to have access to transaction history.


If you completely log out of the app, and log in again using your phone number, passcode, and SMS verification you will see all transactions again.


Yep, installed the new iOS version and re login did the trick. Thanks!


Lol maybe I should work for Revolut


It got fixed for me, just checked the app and my transactions are back. Maybe the issue has been addressed in last update.


So, I had the same issue, where only some of the transaction were showing up in the previous month. So I did log out, and login again, then nothing was showing prior Jan 1 2018. I did notice that as I scrawled down the list of transaction, they would populate in the Analytics bit as well.
Though at the moment, it means I have to scroll all the way down to my first month using Revolut (not very fun to do).
Looks like it does not proactively sync the whole history of transactions.