Transaction is pending. Help!


Today I was trying to did a transaction from my Revolut account to my Bank account. Money from Revolut has gone and my transaction got pending status. Please explain what had happened? Can someone help me?


Hello @viva!

Bank transfers might take some time to be completed. That’s (for now) the normal behaviour and your money should arrive, depending on the destination country, in 1-2 working days :wink:


Hi, @Juliopp. Thanks for your answer. I talking not about compleate transaction, I’m talking about transaction status. Last time when I did transaction I got confirmation from the Revolut to my email in the same minute whith the date when transaction will be expected, and my transactios status was “Transfer initiated”. Now it “pending” and no any confirmations


I understand, @viva
Take into account we’re currently not in business hours and the confirmation email and status change might not happen until tomorrow :wink:


Hi @viva.

As I can see this transfer was sent from your EUR personal IBAN. It’s pending until the transfer has been completed.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry.


Andreas K.


It has done, per one day! Thank you, for your support, guys! Best service!