Transaction from 31/12 still nothing

Hi, I have an account at Revolut and wanted to make a transaction from my Greek bank account to the Revolut account. Because I was a new member I made a mistake and instead of the Beneficiary address Revolut LTD, level 39, 1 Canada Square London I have putted 11-15 Monument. I transfer some money on 31/12/17 and still nothing… not even bouced back to my Greek account. I called my bank in Greece and they verified me that the money left my account on 2/1/18… Did they go to a wrong person? is it going to take time to bounce back money? Do you have any idea what should I do??

Many thanks,

Hi Alexandros.

Did you try to get in touch with our support team?

Hi Andreas , yes I talked to them 2-3 times at the chat but they couldn’t find the transfer. They told me to wait until tomorrow to see if something changes. But I am not optimistic that things are going to change :frowning: