Transaction detiails not shown in history


I made a few internet purchases over the weekend all in Euros.
There were both Euro and GBP funds loaded and available on the card.

The first transaction was fine with no problems.
Order placed, Euro balance debited and transaction details reordered correctly under the Euro banner.

There was not quite enough of a Euro balance to cover the next purchase but plenty of GBP.
Transaction went through without a hitch with all confirmations etc.
GBP balance was debited but no record of the transaction has been recorded anywhere under any of the currencies.
No Euros were debited during this purchase. The entire balance seems to have been taken from my Pound balance.
This is not a problem but I would like some record of this purchase.


Hello @danzoe,

Can you please try to log out and log back in the app? Looks like your app needs to be synchronised with the server.
Please let us know.


Andreas K


Transaction appeared today without the need to log out etc.