Transaction Categories & Reporting



It would be great to have transaction categories we can filter and better reporting, for example, breaking down supermarket shops, restaurants, entertainment, travel, etc. Having some nice overview graphs of account balances would also be fantastic too!



Hi, on top of this, the ability to download all transactions into excel or similar would be great.


Totally agree with James and Kylewie. We use Revolut more and more for daily expenses and incomes.
So for most of us it is important to control our expenses and incomes.

Would suggest to do first small steps for budget control module :slight_smile: and to implement Categories for exenses.

Functionality could work like this:

  • I enable/allow budget control mode (if i don’t want app will not bother me)
  • apps ask me to categorize income/expense after each transaction or when i click on transaction to see details (Food, Entertainment etc.)
  • I could generate statement/transaction list were one column will be Category. And then use these data for my analysis.

Pros for Revolut:

  • users will try to use Revolut for all expenses and incomes to have full picture

P.S. other interesting post and possible solution (API for integration with other apps) related to this topic: Revolut + Money Dashboard


It would be great to see a running balance on the statement. I.e. after each transaction, show the remaining balance


If you look through the transactions, the categories are there so don’t think it’s worth overcomplicating things; however, an optionality to change the default classification for a particular vendor/spend could be helpful.

If this happens I will definitely start using Revolut as my current account! At the moment, it is a bit of a hassle to analyse the spend…


it is, but not usually correct. For example paid for cofee in petrol station goes as transport, but it is food. Send money for lunch to collegues goes as not catergorised transfer.

and in transaction/export list there is not categories for analysis.

So for beggining i would suggest to allow change of category (allow to add your categories if required) and update export procedure to add category to CSV file


I definitely need the ability to export the transactions list for further processing (i.e. give the list to my accounting dept.).


We recently added the option to download & print your transaction history. We’re currently working on improvements on it as this is a new-ish feature.

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