Transaction by Revolut card debited credit card

I used my Revolut card at a point of sale for the very first time. The payment went through fine but it is not showing that it debited my Revolut card but the card I use to top it up. What can Ido to have it debit my Revolut balance please?

Hmmm, did you use revolut card and you cannot see this operation in your revolut app but you see this in your bank’s account in card’s history?
Did I understood you well?

If you see it on revolut app- you have spent money from Revolut account…

Where is it showing that? AFAIK that should not be possible, Revolut only charges attached third party cards upon a top-up but not for transactions. The only exception I could think of is an automatic top-up when your Revolut balance is low - but even then it would be the top-up and not the transaction itself. Could that have been the case here?

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In the meantime the app has uploaded and is showing a declined transaction. I had enough balance and the purchase actually went through. I cannot understand.

Contact Revolut’s support about that issue.