Transaction authorization code needed

My attempt to make a purchase online ended in such an e-mail:

That charge was assigned an “authorization” or “approval” code. We need you to contact your credit card provider/bank and give us that authorization/approval code in order to confirm that you are the cardholder. We already know what the authorization code is; we simply need you to verify that code with us before we can accept your credit card as a form of payment.

The authorization/approval code might show up on your online statement, but this could take quite a few days. Many credit card provider/banks can easily give this authorization code to you over the phone. We find that calling your bank is the quickest way to get your order confirmed and on its way to you.

I have downloaded the statement using the app, but it does not have the code mentioned in the quote above. How could I obtain it?
This issue looks similar to Statement Code?.

I guess in your case what you need is a card with a 3D secure verification system. This is actually not provided by Revolut

Having seen 3D Security in action, I do not think it is the case.
I assume seller request some kind of transaction ID which I am not able to see.

I have the same issue…dunno where to get the code from
anyone pls help ?

Hey does anyone have the solution now. I have exactly the same problem.
Urgent matter

I also need the authorization code (or trace code) for a transaction. Please, how do I get it?!

im having the same problem and i need it urgently. last time this happened the order got canceled in 1 day and i had to wait for 3weeks to get a refund

Im having the same problem. Please, I need help with that, could anyone help me?

Hi, having the same issue right now. Any help on how to get that transaction code requested by the seller would be really appreciated

Hi! I also need the Authorization Number or Trace Code for online purchase. Does anyone know where I could find it?

I have the same problem and i cannot find the code.
" The 6 digit Authorization ID number (also known as the Transaction ID/Approval Code) listed with your bank or credit card company for the transaction with Swanson Health Products. Please contact your bank to obtain this."
Please help.