Transaction apparently 'declined' but account debited.


We (3 people) left BVI (Tortola) on Nov 6th to fly to Antigua. I offered my Revolut card to pay the $60 exit taxes but the cashier told me that the transaction was declined, so I paid cash instead. However, when I checked the card account on my phone a few minutes later, it showed a debit of $60 to BVI Airport Authority, - so the transaction had not been declined!

  1. How can this happen ? Is it a bug with Revolut ? or their system ?

  2. At the time, they agreed to refund my card payment, but so far have not done so. Is there anything you can do to help me get the refund ? (I do have the receipt for the cash , timed 4 mins later)


Hi @cmsjw5,

As I can see the card payment on 2016-11-06 14:54 has been declined. Please log out and log back in on the app.

The money never deducted from your account.

p.s. You’re using an old version of the app. Please update your app.


Andreas K.