Transaction amount in EUR has changed


On my trip to the USA we had 4 lunches where the tip was not initially taken into account and I could therefore see the USD amount and the EUR amount debited and check a correct $ exchange rate.

Today, when I check my account I see these 4 amounts in EUR changed, probably including the tip that I approved on the check. However the USD amount still remains as initially debited, hence the exchange rate 1/ is totally screwed-up and 2/ does not reflect the rate as dispalyed on the transaction details.

This way of doing does not allow a correct audit of these 4 transactions. You should either change the USD amount as well (which is the total amount I have approved on the original check including tip) or, preferably even, add one specific line for the tip only with USD and EUR and exchange rate applied just below the initial billing.

For example in my account.

Initial txn dated 06/10/2017 – 7 Old Fulton – $149.16, €127.21, xrate 1.1725

Chgd txn dated 06/10/2017 – 7 Old Fulton – $149.16, €148.40, xrate 1.1725

Please explain and correct.

Thank you


This is not specific to Revolut. This is how some businesses like restaurants and hotels pre-authorize a certain amount and then settle a different amount (with added tip, mini bar, …) It also works the other way round: pre-authorization at a gas pump might be 100 USD, the final charge could be less.

When the final settlement happens, a pre-authorized amount is replaced in the transaction data. This is how payment processing with credit card networks is set up.

This topic has ben discussed here before (search for it if you’r interested in the discussion :slight_smile: ) – There is also a related issue that is mentioned in the FAQs: Why was I charged twice for my restaurant bill?



Hi Frank,

There is something wrong however in what is done. I have paid in USD. I
have left a tip in USD, and the only change that is made is EUR. Why
USD is not adjusted as well to what I actualy approved for payment giving me a chance to audit what I have done ? I don’t understand. This completely screws-up the audit.



I see. I would not say it screws up controlling the bill but it makes it more difficult. I agree that the shown amount in the local pre-exchange currency should be corrected to the settled amount as well. I don’t think a dedicated “tip” line would be a good idea, since there can be other reasons. I would prefer a “neutral” notification when a difference between authorization and settlement occurs.


I read this in the Revolut FAQ. This is NOT the way my 4 restaurant checks got posted in my Revolut card. The explanation states that a second charge including the tip may appear… until the merchant cancels the authorisation. Why not a second charge of just the tip, as approved by me ?

Why do things easy when you can do them complex. Arrghhhh…


I know. That is why I called it a “related issue” since it is about restaurant bills and tips. I just thought you might be interested in it.


Frank I am interested in reading it. I am just not knowing how to get to it. Please send a link that I can more easily connect to. Thks


Didn’t you find it already? You posted a screenshot of it :thinking:


Ooops sorry… a bit confused about what you said then. Sorry



I’m bumping this thread again. I have the exact problem so the problem still occurs and it’s wrong.

I’m glad that we don’t have the two debits showing up, but I agree with JW28 that it’s a problem.

I’ve made a transaction of 14$ and added a tip of 1$. I edited a receipt for that transaction, look :

This invoice is wrong and legally, I’m not even sure it is ok.
14$/1.2389 = 11.3€
This receipt is false. Now we understand that the tip was indeed included because :
15$/1.2389 = 12.1€ which is the amount debited.

But I’m strongly stands with JW28 that the original amount should be changed.



Ideally, I think they should update both amounts, and maybe keep the original charge somewhere (in their systems only, or displayed as a comment).
The current display is clearly not right.