Tranfer without ref number..

Hi, i did a transfer of 550€ the 1st april from my french bank to revolut but it doesnt appear on my revolut account, i forget the ref from Revolut i guess… No one is answering me on tchat yet and i really need to to do this transfer asap.
Thanks for help !

Did you send it to the SWIFT account or to the local account using SEPA?

Hello alessandro,
I sent it to the SWIFT without the ref i think, this is why it doesn’t appear anywhere but i don’t have the money anymore on my french account :(.

Just for the future, always choose SEPA and the local account :slight_smile:

Anyhow, yes they probably cant assign it as they dont have the reference. Only support can help you in that regard. Did you type “live agent” to get past the chatbot?

I wanted to use SEPA but i had to add the revolut sepa account and wait for the confirmation of my french bank.
Live agents are currently busy and i keep waiting for any answer from them.

Add? Do you mean activate? That should be a matter of seconds and it will give you your personalised IBAN.

Yes, support is a tad slow. How long did it say you need to wait? It can take up to two hours at times but they will get back to you.

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For some reasons idk, when i add a new account to transfer from my french account, it needs few days before the first transfer.
Nevermind, they solved the problem and i can see my money now, thanks alot !