Tranfer FROM me showing as REVOLUT account?

Hi there . . i needed to very a SEPA account with Coinbase, so I did a transfer from my Revolut account . . . . its got there, no problem . . . . but they didnt receive it from MY Revolut account - but just a global account I think . . so I cant transfer back to it?

Anybody had this . . or know where live chat is on here so i can try to resolve? Thanks!

Please search for Coinbase in this forum :wink:

Thanks for your quick reply Frank, although I had already searched.

The problem isnt Coinbase not receiving my transfer from Revolut . … they got it no problem in 1 day . . . its that Revolut hasnt sent it from my account. See what I mean?

Any idea how to talk to support?

Yes, please read all the details about users being able to set it up. You need to activate your EUR IBAN first.

Frank . . do you know? Or shall I wait for another reply . . .Thanks.

ok, so it appears my EUR IBAN has changed from what it was initially showing as in Revolut . . . . the account Coinbase received my transfer from is actually now my EUR IBAN in Revolut app . . . and ive just asked for the withdrawal to Revolut. Seems fairly smooth . . . lets see how that goes.

Thanks for all the detailed replies. :wink:

All went perfectly smoothly.

Sent small SEPA EUR amount of 3euro to Coinbase From Revolut.
Coinbase received in 1 day.
Send back to Revolut my Coinbase EUR balance with a small charge of 15c from Coinbase.
Received inside of 1 day.

So just to let people know . . . . this is can be done no problem . . . just confirm the IBAN Coinbase received from is correct in your Revolut account before you send back. :slight_smile:


I have another problem. I get money in my Revolut card and I have been told I can’t

make payment to Coinbase through card, but just through transfer.

Who knows how to do transfer payment to Coinbase??

Or in alternative how to use and make payment through my Revolut Card (banks




I dont know how to do it using Revolut card - i only did transfer to Coinbase from Revolut account.

You need to go to Coinbase > Settings > Linked Accounts
Setup in there so you can transfer an amount Coinbase from Revolut - make sure to use the Reference Number Coinbase provide.

The transfer appeared at Coinbase inside 24hrs.