Trading for standard users?

I have started testing this. I love the fractional share purchase option! I bought 0.2 shares of Apple :slight_smile:

I wish I could also buy a fractional share of Berkshire Hathaway A stock ($100k+ per share). But unfortunately they don’t offer it. Only B stock, which is cheap anyway.

I am measuring the trading feature against an account I have with a professional US broker. That account comes with very (extremely) feature-rich apps, but it costs me money in monthly maintenance.

Revolut is cheaper. The functionality in the app is very basic, however. I’m a buy and hold type of investor mostly, and also sporadic. So I don’t need a huge amount of features. But I’d like to know how my investment is doing, which seems impossible at the moment.

I’d like to know what is the criteria for the stocks that are offered to us (I mentioned a missing one above). I’d also like to know whether there are any plans for additional features, like trading ETFs. Short selling would be supercool, but I guess it’s for the more sophisticated users.

Also, I’d like to know whether we are afforded some protections as to offering us good prices. Only market orders are possible at the moment, which is something I could live with, but given that Revolut forwards my order to DriveWealth which then sells it to a high frequency firm, and it never even goes to the exchange… I am not clear whether the price I am getting is the best available price.


They have to do something with dividends. Well, I’m waiting the after hours exchange!

And yeah totally forgot, we also would love features and web interface like M1 Finance implemented by Revolut Trading.



Revolut really has made trading easier for European residents, thanks.

Hope they will add some good reporting functionality as at the moment the monthly reports feature is very average, my report for October also had incorrect data.

Instead of only monthly reports, as a user I should be able to pull report anytime and for any time period.

Secondly, would like a dedicated tab for Trading in the apps bottom navigation bar, as at the moment to get to trading one need to go to dashboard section and then use trading, which is inefficient


Is it possible to set up a UK account?

Do you know anything about dividends?
Does Revolut pay you dividends?

Pozdrav sa Hvara

They do.

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I also received dividends through Revolut. Not sure if any tax was withheld, I didn’t check.

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yes per the documentation:

I was supposed to get my dividend for Ford today it hast been payed out to me yet so guess it will be delayed a day or 2 will keep you posted


I receive my dividend Ford yesterday


I want to ask: Standard users have 3 trades per month. Is this month calendar or is rolling month as the limits for withdraw for example?


Will trading for normal and premium users also be available in Romania?

As i know it is available for Romanian Clients.
You can Check:
Investing Post
My trading Channel

Thank you for your answer, currently it is only available for metal customers, and there hasn’t been any news about trading coming to normal and premium users for months

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I would like to know why there is a delay to process the orders?
From the time I execute one order the system takes time to confirm it. Few months ago everything was prefect and this didn’t happen before. Actually we can’t call it real time trading.

I noticed that, some delay and also some delay on paying dividends…

Hello, do you know how much time it takes to be able to withdraw money to principal account after cutting a position ? 2days ago i sold 2 apple stocks but cannot use this amount yet

Yes, typically 3 days.

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You do realise that it’s weekend right?

When will I receive any proceeds from the sale of an Instrument?
In the event that you sell a particular Instrument and there are proceeds due to you from that sale, we shall procure that your Revolut Electronic Money Account is credited with the value of those profits. However, you should be aware that, whilst your profits may be credited to your Revolut Electronic Money Account, you will not be able to withdraw those proceeds until such time the transaction arising as a result of your Order to sell the relevant Instruments has settled. In most underlying markets, settlement of the Instruments available via the Revolut App typically occurs within two trading days.

Any news about bringing the trading for standard users in Romania?