Trading for standard users?

In august metal users had a trading platform and :r: said it will be open also for standard users in weeks, it passed more than a month but I do not see the feature?

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It’s not even worth using if that helps

No tax advantage accounts

No UK shares or ETF’s
No Japanese shares or ETF’s
No HongKong etc ETF’s or shares

No anything

0.1% asset holding fee

There’s no W8 form for less withholding tax on US shares either… so it’s really inefficient to trade with!


I’m using it. As a beginner I don’t have any complain except W8 form. They don’t cut you profit from selling stocks, only with dividends! The 0.1% fee it’s still in hold, doesn’t not apply at the moment.
The may need to fix a more professional looking trading tool!

They garnish dividends? Ew

My dividends are for reinvestment - they should be considering this a metal perk and charging for standard (and/or) premium users

This has to do with US taxes.
After W8 form we will not have to pay US taxes as European residents.

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I have :r: beta app and trading is now available from today :slight_smile: to answer my own question :sweat_smile:


Which beta version of the app you have?

I’m also using the latest beta, yet I can’t seem to find the trading option for the life of me.

Am I missing something here?

Where do you have this option? Or it is country restricted. I have beta app, but I don’t have trading tab

I have read it in the description in TestFlight but today strangely I had 2 more updates and now it is gone?!