Trading desktop - how to improve? Some ideas.

Hi there,
Wondering how you feel about the Trading desktop. Are you really using it for trading? If you’re like me… maybe not.

Here are the few things I would change:

  • The 1st workspace should look exactly like the app on the mobile. An enhanced version of it, kind of. So that we can keep the same look & feel, for a seamless shift from mobile to desktop.
  • The Portfolio should be available. This is like fishing in the sea otherwise, you cannot see your priorities
  • The connectivity is an issue to me. I turn and the thing is disconnected again. Can we have a different type of security, like we have when we do crypto trading on Binance or whatever? This is annoying, in the end it is faster to pull out the phone.
  • Still on connectivity: the recent crash of Revolut system, on May 31st, was a nightmare. Just right when the market was so volatile. I tried to head to the Trading Desktop… a mess. No way to connect, receive an email and so on. Some weaknesses here.
  • Communication. I do want more direct & instant communication from Revolut team when problems happen. Yesterday felt like… a ‘bank’. Oldish. They should maybe take a page from (failed ;-)) companies like BlockFi & Gemini, they did not manage well their portfolio but knew how to communicate to their users in an instant.

Your thoughts?


Hello @nappy :wave: ,

Appreciate the thorough feedback you’ve shared. It gives us insight into what our users are expecting from us in terms of trading. We’ll definitely share this with our team for future planning. Keep an eye out for any upcoming updates! :rocket:

SG | Community Team

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