Trading Alerts - did not receive notification

I did set up a trading alert for my Tapestry stock at 35$. It actually reached temporarily 35$ Friday last week, but I did not get any alert or notification.

When I look at the stock, the alert is gone. I therefore suspect that the Revolut Trading app detected that the stock reached 35$, and removed the alert.

The problem is that I never received any notification at all, even when I logged into the Revolut app I did not get any message.

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To be more specific, for security reasons, I set up my iOS to hide notification details from the lock screen (this setting is in general settings, under notification center). I do get notifications on the lock screen and I can see that Revolut has a notification.

To see the content of the notification, I use Touch ID to unlock the phone, then the Revolut message appears that I need to log in, so I use Tough ID a second time, and then I land on the main page of the Revolut app. And I have no clue what the notification is about, it just shows the main page with the account balance.

So maybe I am receiving the Stock Price alerts after all, but I am never seeing the detail of these alerts.

Can some dev from Revolut try to reproduce the problem and fix it?
Normal behavior for me should be that, even if the phone is set up to hide the alert content from the home screen, I should be able to see the alert once I unlock my screen.

Is Revolut monitoring this forum, or is there a formal place to report Bugs ?

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Hi all,

I am having the same problem. My alerts for crypto price target are not showing anymore. Is there some kind of limit per month? I checked all my phone set ups and I still keep getting notifications for stock prices but not crypto.
Please advise

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I had the same issue and they are aware of it. My notifications stopped after the xrp spike on 1st of February.