Tracking outgoing bank transfers in the app


It would be very useful to have the possibility to track initiated bank transfers on the app.

Currently you need to chat with support to confirm whether your transfer has been sent to the Currency Cloud for further processing, but it would be so much easier to have that info in the app.

Also, for some money recipients and businesses, Revolut account statements just won’t do as proof of payment, as current statements lack account details of the recipient (IBAN, BIC, reference field) and exchange rates applied. Currently you also need to chat with support to request a payment confirmation from the Currency Cloud in certain cases.

Would it be possible to either amend Revolut account statements so that these included more detailed information on each outgoing transfer (IBAN and BIC of the recepient, reference, exchange rate used) or at least to be able to request payment confirmation with this information from the Currency Cloud on the app? @AndreasK @revolut

This would be equally beneficial for both the users and Revolut, as there would not be the need to reach out to chat support.


Great idea! It would be also useful to see what account is the money going to come from, so we can notify the recipient about it. If I promise to pay money to an organisation and they suddenly get a suspicious transfer from abroad then I imagine they can get a little worried…