Track invoice payments through API



We are a US Tech startup, and is strongly considering moving to Revolut once you launch in the US.

But until then, i would like to get an idea with your API, since it’s not that good documented. Basically what we want to do is:

1 We automatically send an invoice to a client with token X
2 Client pays invoice and write X as part of the description
3 You send us that a transaction occurs on our bank account through webhook
4 We scan the transaction, and if it matches, we add the payment to the users account

If i understand your documentation correct, the webhook you have “TransactionCreated” will give us information a transaction is created.
But it dosn’t seem like there is a call to get information about that transaction, or do you follow REST interface, so we can call:

I hope you can help, this feature would really be amazing for us, and remove a lot of manual work for a small startup :slight_smile:


Hi @josc - thanks for getting in touch. We’re excited about launching in the US.

That’s right, it will work as you say with the GET TRANSACTIONS used to fetch transaction list or webhook used, and the you can match the information back to your invoicing system.