Total of all accounts in base currency


I like when I check my currency accounts I can see the amount in the base/home currency underneath the balance.

I have an idea, on the base/home currency section, can you put the total of all the currency accounts in the base currency.

That would be ideal to know the total of all accounts in the base/home currency at any moment.


Perhaps… the total of all accounts in which ever currency you are viewing at that time.



Great idea!
Can I just add to that that this would also be a great feature for the “analysis” (spending) menu in the app? Like, I’ve spent in euro and yen this month but I always charge in euros. So I’d like to be able to see a total spent in euro.

In my mind this would work like this: whenever a payment had been made in a currency other than the base currency (euro for me), it also saves the amount of base currency you spent on that transaction so you can get a total in your base currency of the month.

I.e.: I have €300 in my account. First I use it in Belgium and pay €10, then I arrive in Japan but haven’t converted anything to my JPY account yet, make a payment for ¥12700 (which at this day was €100), then after a few days I transfer €100 to my JPY account (the rate is now €1 = ¥130), so I have €90 left and ¥13000. Say I’ve spent ¥10000 of that by now (=€76.923 with the exchange rate I got at that time) and none of the euro account anymore.
Then I’ve in my spending menu: €10 and ¥11270; and in my availability/wallet menu: €90 and ¥3000.
Now the idea: display a real spending master total in my base currency of €186.923 (€10+¥11270 with the exchange rates at the time of respective conversion €100 and €76.923) and a real available master total in my base currency of €113.077 (€90 + ¥3000 with the exchange rate at the time of conversion of that part giving €23.077).

This turned out to be more complicated to explain than I envisioned :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope the numbers are right and I was able to convey my idea :slight_smile:


You can display the master total of all accounts above any currency being viewed.

Please see image for example:


Hi Revolut,

Have you seen this thread yet?

I think this is a great idea that you can implement quite easily compared to maybe some of the other more complex challenges.

As you already calculate the currency account/base equivalents, all you need to do is add them together along with the balance in the base currency account. And display it like the photo above depicts.

I hope to hear from you soon.



Hi Revolut,

I hope you like this idea. I think it is simple yet very useful/effective.

Can you please implement this?


Completely agree your idea!
It will be fine…

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Good ideas being overlooked. And now we have a new landing page which looks horrible compared to the previous one.

Tagging Sir @anon33247966 for visibility!:slight_smile:


This is something that we’re actually working on it as we speak. Rest assured that our team is working on fixing any UX issues and aiming to make the user experience even more pleasant!:muscle:t2:



Has there been any progress on this idea?

Bump. This feature would be great

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Hi All,

This feature is essentially already available.

Go to Dashboard (bottom right) and where is says “Accounts” to the left is the value in your base currency of the total of all currency accounts.

Hope this helps.