Total Balance in [currency]

The ability to save the currency in which my total balance is displayed.
I guess either to auto-save it so that it is the same as last time the next time I log in, or to have it in settings.

Every time I log in it sticks out, even if I only have one account in EUR, I always feel urge to change the default “Total balance in GBP” to EUR.

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Hi @dotbit !

Thank you for pointing that out :dart:
It is under investigation and should not take long to improve it!

See you around,

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Hi @rafael_revolut again - I just wrote a response but it seems it was removed (I’m sure I hit Reply, though I can’t see it anywhere) - so let me write it in short again:

  • It’s been 3 months since you said it won’t take long. Does it mean you no longer want this fix this issue?
  • If you do plan on fixing it, please let us know a real date (and don’t say “soon”, “stay tuned”, “working on it”, etc.). It’d be much appreciated, thank you!

Hi @rafael_revolut - it’s been almost 3 months now and it’s still not working. It’s still stuck to GBP whenever I log in.

When can we expect a fix?
And please don’t say “soon”, “stay tuned”, “we are working on it”, etc. - but rather provide us with a real date, that would be much appreciated, thank you!

I posted the same question 6 months ago. Still not fixed. It feels like they are not working on Revolut For Business at all. That’s sad.

Hello @martind1 and @ncahnged. Good to hear back from you.

We are working on many things simultaneously within Revolut for Business but these projects may not result in the outcome as visible as the solution discussed here.
I understand that it may be inconvenient for you to switch the balance every time you log in to the account but at the same time, there are other features requiring our attention even more than this.

Thank you for the understanding,

Thank you @rafael_revolut for your quick response.

I’m curious then - what front-end (UI/UX) related features are of higher priorities? Drag&drop for account tiles? Responsive web? Mobile app?

Can’t wait for more mature solution! :+1:

We are in the process of establishing future roadmap as far as business product is concerned and as you may imagine, a lot of things are there to be discussed and prioritised.
I may not have much more details at this point but we are gathering feedback across the communication channels and forwarding it further.