Total account value in Main currency


Is it possible to add somewhere the total value of all currency accounts converted in a chosen main currency like EUR to give everybody a quick idea on how much they own on their revolut accounts ?


Hello @polopolo

Not a direct answer to your suggestion, but you can currently do that on any ATM :slight_smile:


Does that really convert all accounts ? I am surprised banks are able to do such a prowess.

Thanks but obviously we don’t use often ATM and want to have this on the phone app and later on the web app when it’s released


I think that’d be great too ! For heavy users with many accounts, it would of course be the most useful :wink:


Posting again to get @AndreasK attention.

See details : Add an item "Total amount on accounts"


I will forward this to the team!


Please consider to show two totals:

  • fiat currencies
  • cryptocurrencies

Panels could be shown only if user does have money in the relevant currency type.

This view could be the first one on the left in the current Accounts tab so the user immediately sees total money in Revolut in both currency types and they can slide to the right if they want to see details on a specific currency


There is a problem i see other amount in visa and other in mastercard in ATM