Topup visa in Belgium not possible anymore



Topup from visa is not possible anymore. Called worldonline and they told me, they tighten up securtiy and for topping up we need to confirm with phyisical card reader.
Could you implement that?


Hello @Tomdk,

Could you please contact our in-app support team so we can take a closer into your account and investigate this further :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Hi Andreas,

Did that yesterday, but couldn’t help me ;(


Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Could you please send me a direct message your phone number associated with your account?


Euhm… call me stupid, but how to direct message you? :wink:


Click on my name to find “messages” :slight_smile:


Sorry don’t find the option. Can you send and I reply on a message?


Hi Tomdk.

This is what happens when you click on AndreasK name. Do you see on the right up corner ‘message’? Does this not happen to you when you click on his name?


Nope it does not :slight_smile:


wow, that’s really funny.


does it happen with any other user?


Are you 100% sure you logged in?:stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t show the message option if you are not logged in somehow.


Hi, are you sure that Atos Worldline did not tell you only to use YOUR own card reader from your bank? Revolut cannot implement card readers, but can only require 3D secure autentification, which they already do.


Hi expatier,

Yes MY own, but revolut doesn’t redirect me for using it. It just fails.


Zwt, look my username. Yes I’m logged in :wink:


Message thing solved. Needed to earn first the basic badge :wink:


Hello ! I have the same problem than you but I’m not in Belgium. I can’t top-up my card. Do you have a solution ?
I will go in Japan next Monday and I wanted to have a revolut card before. This is very troublesome


Hey, it is very strange that the transaction fails. I often top up with either my ING Maestro debit card (Bancontact) or Argenta maestro/bancontact and Revolut always asks for 3D autentification so I have to use my card reader every time.

Unfortunately I don’t have experience with a Belgian credit card, as these are managed by Atos Worldine.

Have you tried topping up with your Bancontact?


Hi expatier,

Interesting… I aslo have an ing, but which CSV code should I suse then?
Is the topup instant or delayed?


With all Belgian Bancontact cards just put “000” as the CVV. Top up is instant.