topup via TransferWise


@David928374 Will do. Hopefully this thread will speed the process up!


Account unblocked by Revolut, very helpful team. Let’s see if a change of address from TW’s side does the trick


@revolutuzer / @David928374

See here:

You’re not the only one having this issue

I discussed with both TW support and Revolut staffer @AndreasK - basically, when you try to top up your Revolut card with your TW card, it checks the address you entered against the country the TW card is issued in (UK). In my case, I gave it a UK address so it should have matched fine, but it didn’t. When Revolut thinks there is a mismatch, it cancels the top up. Transwerwise support confirmed they weren’t declining the payment, rather Revolut was instantly reversing it after the mismatch.

According to @AndreasK, the address mismatch issue is a problem with the processing company that Revolut use for their top ups. Last I heard from @AndreasK was that a bug report has been filed with this processor and it’s pending.


Thanks a lot, @andrewjdavison that’s very useful. Have you attempted to top up using TW since you initially wrote on here or does the problem persist?


The problem is not yet resolved. But I have a private message thread open with @AndreasK about the issue so he can update me when it is.


Still having problems even though Revolut and TW addresses match exactly :cry:


By the way linking a Monzo card works perfectly, even if the same addresses don’t match exactly word for word, so it may be a problem from TW’s side or that Revolut is purposely blocking TW since it’s a competitor

EDIT: changing Revolut address to TW’s via the app and putting down billing address as TW’s doesn’t work either so this is clearly a problem from Revolut’s address verification system


Yeh, even with exactly matching addresses, it’s not going to work until the bug I mention gets resolved. Send a PM to @AndreasK at Revolut and I’m sure he’ll be happy to keep you updated like he is with me.


OK the problem arises when your Revolut is registered in an AVS country (UK, USA, Canada, Australia). If you are from any other country you may top up using TW MC no issues whatsoever with addresses


I experienced this issue with a TransferWise card registered in the UK. I just changed the address to Spain (where I’m currently living) and the issue was resolved, confirming revolutuzer’s most recent message.


I have successfully added my TW card to Revo.

To register the card, Revo will initiate a payment of 1 GBP/USD/EUR to confirm the card exists, the payment will then be cancelled by Revo after the process.

This is why you need to have some money in TW account.

If you have USD/CAD/CHF account setup with TW, you can top-up your equivalent Revo account without charges and exchange.

The Revo App will ask, if you want to execute the top-up in GBP (issuer currency) or not (=USD/CAD/CHF).


Atm I am trying to confirm my TW card in the Revo App. Hope it works!


Big help for my sister living in California if really works!!


How did you change the address of TransferWise card?
The TW support told me that it is not possible to change the address related to a TW card and The TransferWise Mastercard is always issued in the UK.