Topup via SEPA transfer - the purpose



So I have just made my first topup attempt via SEPA bank transfer. In the “motif” or “purpose” field, I only put the reference number as given by Revolut app. Am I doing it right ?

I’m also wondering if we can put extra text in the motif, something like “Topup revolut ref XXXXXXXX” or I must only put the “XXXXXXXXX” and nothing else.



Hi @myrevolut

Yes, that’s correct, on the “purpose” type your reference number. You need to add only the number (only digits).


Andreas K.


Thanks @AndreasK
The transfer has been executed yesterday. I will wait until Monday, hopping to see the money coming in so that I can order a Revolut card :smile:


The money just came in. I also verified my identity and ordered my card.

Quick question, should I be blocking my card and activating additional security features (magstripe payments, withdrawals, e-commerce transaction) while waiting the delivery of my card (the given estimated date is January 3rd)?


Hi @myrevolut

Great to hear that. You could do that yes for security reasons.