Topup verification does not complete


Hi there,

I am trying to top up my account but I only get to:

I have tried both:

  • VISA Credit Card
  • MasterCard debit card

but no joy.

Oneplus 3t, Android Oreo 8.0.


I’m having the same issue as the one described above.


Hi guys.

Could you please try using a card that doesn’t require 3D secure, or top-up via bank transfer or Android/Apple Pay?


No, no and no.
3D-s is supposed to add extra security, so it stays, you can’t ask me to remove a factor of security instead focus on supporting it. As for bank transfers - they can be expensive you know, and you don’t like expensive, do you? a/a pay - just accept that some of us don’t live in your wonderland where it just works …


Any news about the issue. I don’t have a card without 3d security, don’t have apple or Android pay as my country doesn’t support it and bank transfer is not an option, as it costs like I’m directly sending money to another bank account which actually doesn’t save me any money.